Accredited Calibration and Test Methods



Calibration Methods

Accreditation certificate D-K-20613-01-00 according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018






Reference to Standard

Medical reference measurement laboratories:


Determination of Erythrocyte Concentration in Controlled Blood


DIN 58932-3:2017-01


Determination of Leukocyte Concentration in Controlled Blood


DIN 58932-4:2003-07

Quantity of substance concentration


Determination of Hemoglobin Concentration in Controlled Blood


DIN 58931:2021-09


Test Methods

Accreditation certificate D-PL-20613-01-00 according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018


Scope   Method   Reference to Standard/In-house Procedure  

Particle properties:

  • Size
  • Density
  • Concentration





  • Determination of particle size distribution by centrifugal sedimentation methods in liquids - Part 2: Photocentrifugal sedimentation method


ISO 13318-2:2007-09


  • Determination of particle size distribution by the gravity sedimentation method in liquids - Part 1: General principles and guidelines


ISO 13317-1:2001-05


  • Determination of particle density by sedimentation methods - Part 1: Isopycnical interpolation approach


ISO 18747-1:2018-03


  • Determination of particle density with sedimentation methods - Part 2: Multi-velocity approach


ISO 18747-2:2019-06

  • Number-based size distribution and concentration of cells and submicroscale particles (optical flow cytometry)


In-house Procedure (AA013)

Dispersion properties:

  • Stability
  • Demixing
  • Dispersbility





  • Real-time and accelerated determination of the stability of suspensions and emulsions: Optical measuring principle "STEP - Technology"


In-house Procedure (AA005)


  • Sediment height determination in the gravitational and centrifugal field using optical detection and X-ray detection (STEP technology)


In-house Procedure (AA010)


  • Quantification of the stability of concentrated dispersions - X-ray measuring principle (STEP - technology)


In-house Procedure (AA011)


  • Determination of Hansen solubility/dispersibility parameters for nanoparticles and microparticles dispersed in liquids based on relative sedimentation time using optical detection.


In-house Procedure (AA012)

Mechanical strength testing



  • Determination of the bond strength of bonded joints and composite materials (CAT technology)


In-house Procedure (AA014)


  • Metallic and other inorganic coatings - Method for quantitative measurement of adhesion strength by the tensile test


DIN EN 13144:2019-02