About us

The Dr. Lerche KG formed in 2003 by spin-off of the business unit Analytics / Biotechnology from the LUM GmbH and today is an innovative service and research company.





The team consists of highly qualified staff with scientific expertise and many years of practical experience, which is also documented by numerous scientific publications and patents. The KG is intensively involved in standardization organizations (DIN, ISO, ASTM). The company is currently accredited by the DAkkS as a testing laboratory and for laboratory medical interlaboratory tests as a calibration laboratory (DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025).

Our main activities include:

  • highly specialized and routine analytical services in the field of particle characterization
  • Real-time and accelerated stability determinations of dispersions as well as prediction of shelf life
  • Quantification of destabilization phenomena of emulsions and suspensions
  • Development of optimization proposals for formulations and stabilization of dispersions
  • Material testing of beads, capsules, membranes, adhesive bonds and strength of coatings
  • Determination of calibration values for and monitoring / organization of interlaboratory tests
  • Development and use of methods for micro- and macroencapsulation of drugs, cells and cell aggregates
  • Development and production of spherical and non-spherical submicron and micron reference particles (size standards)
  • Contract developments (measurement analysis, biotechnological processes)