Microcapsules for cell encapsulation, electron microscopy and biotechnology

  • spherical, elastic microcontainers
  • Standard diameter 2 - 3 mm
  • Cellulose-based capsule membrane



LUMiTainer are spherical, elastic microcontainers with a cellulose-based membrane. The capsule membrane is about 100 µm thin and allows the permeation of molecules up to a size of about 10 kDa. The microcapsules have a standard diameter of 2 - 3 mm. Depending on requirements, customer-specific sizes of 400 - 4000 μm as well as transparent, colored or fluorescent LUMiTainer can be produced.

LUMiTainer type 01 (standard) are filled with uncrosslinked cellulose sulphate solution due to their production. Through a special manufacturing process, LUMiTainer™ Type 02 predominantly contains an isotonic NaCl solution in the capsule lumen.


LUMiTainer verschiedener Größe farbige LUMiTainer


As a tool for electron microscopy, LUMiTainer enables the lossless preparation of minute amounts (<20 μl) of cells and bioproducts. Microsomes and fragile structures of the test material can be prepared easily and quickly and remain intact, as this procedure eliminates the usual centrifugation steps.


For electron microscopic examinations, the LUMiTainer are filled with the desired material by injection.


LUMiTainer vor der Befüllung Fixierung des LUMiTainers Einstich in den LUMiTainer  Injizieren der Probe befüllter LUMiTainer


The objects can then be easily fixed in the capsule, wash, dehydrate, critical point dry, embed and even freeze. LUMiTainer facilitate the object search in the cutting block.


Injection and Preparation kit

The Injection and Preparation Kit is a special device for effectively loading and preparing the LUMiTainer with the specimen. Up to four LUMiTainer can be filled one after the other.

Each of the 4 intake devices for LUMiTainer can then be used as a microreaction vessel (about 500 μl). In it, all the steps necessary for the preparation of the sample material can be carried out. The connection of a suction device allows the material and time-saving media change such. during dehydration and washing processes.


Präparations- und Injektionsset

Ordering Information

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Item No.
201-00050 LUMiTainer type 01 Capsules in a tube 50 Capsules
201-00100 LUMiTainer type 02 Capsules in a tube 100 Capsules
301-00000 Injection and Preparation Kit   1